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Complicated solutions on all kind of implant systems

Komplicēti, sarežģīti risinājumi uz implantiem
Komplicēti, sarežģīti risinājumi uz implantiem

Bar retention

Whatever what kind of implant system you are working on, we will make a best solution for removable and non ­removable prosthesis on one or many implants.

Telescope prosthesis

We make removable telescope-based prostheses using both the patient's existing teeth and the implant-based telescope prosthesis as a support, as well as a combination of both. We produce telescopes of metal, zirconium, gold, BioHPP.

Individual abutments

According to each situation and complexity we make individual abutments of metal, zirconium, gold, BioHPP.


We produce prostheses of various complexity fixed on locators.

Izņemamās plates

Removable dentures

We produce removable plastic dentures from high quality materials of different manufacturers.

We offer simpler artificial teeth or higher hardness and higher aesthetic compliant, able to respond efficiently to replace missing teeth and restore a patient's smile.

Lokveida protēzes

Casted partial dentures

We produce removable and non-removable metal, zirconium, BioHPP circular prostheses of different complexity.

We offer a simple clasp fixation and complex with milling and attachments.

Metāla keramika

Metal ceramics

We produce metal ceramic crowns, where we use the higher Co Cr casted materials ­ does not contain nickel, which can be allergic for patient or milled metal frames from Amann Girrbach Sintron metal covered with Vita ceramics.

Presētā keramika

Press ceramic

We produce IVOCLAR e.max pressed ceramic bridges, crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, Lumineers and other products.

Cirkonija keramika

Zirconia ceramics

We produce the zirconia­ based crowns, bridges, individual abutments, as well as removable and non removable prostheses to any type of implants.

Naktskapes, Balināšanas kapes un aizsargkapes

Bedside cabinets, Bleaching cabinets and protective cabinets

We use materials from Europe's leading companies for night guards against tooth abrasion, tooth whitening caps, surgical implantation caps and orthopedic aids.



We produce Veneer, Non prep Veneer - porcelain plates for restoration of dental aesthetic functions - tooth color, shape correction, pigmentation prevention, tooth space correction.

Inlejas, Onlejas

Inlejas, Onlays

We make root inlays from zirconium and nickel free metal which may be allergic to the patient. We offer onlays from extruded ceramic and composite materials.

3D printēti produkti

3D printed products

Using the world's latest and most recognized technology, we offer 3D printed products - nightcaps, diagnostic models, temporary crowns, individual spoons, prototypes, surgical guides.

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