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High-quality dental prosthesis, customer consultations, as well as lectures and training on possible solutions for prosthesis

MADY DENTAL LAB pakalpojumi
MADY DENTAL LAB pakalpojumi 2

If you all ready are , or are just thinking of becoming our customer , we will be delighted to help find a solution to your questions. Always help with advice on choosing the best solution for the patient's quality of life.

Modern technology and research allows us to make the teeth that resemble natural teeth given . Dentures can replace missing teeth and help restore a patient's smile. Make him happy ! If the patient has lost his teeth of gum disease, some injury, then replacing missing teeth he will regain its appearance and health. Prostheses make it easier to eat and talk , to improve the appearance of the teeth and smile ! When the loss of a tooth or several teeth , facial muscles can make alook patients older. The prostheses can overcome this!

New prostheses for some time may seem unusual until they get used to . You need to care just as your own teeth.

If you have questions about your dental prosthesis , it interferes with long-term , is damaged - please contact the laboratory.

Mady Dental Laboratory offers a guarantee for their products . The guarantee is valid for 3 years , which starts from the invoice date. Warranty is given Mady Dental lab products manufactured in cases where the defect is the result of a laboratory error .

Warranty does not cover :

  • Damage resulting from the mandatory visit to the dentist for not seeing the result;

  • Damage of a third party;

  • Damage caused by the effects of the disease paradonta;

  • Temporary prostheses and prosthetic correction. 


For more details and warranty information you can learn by writing or calling the contact listed.


Mady Dental lab zobārstu apmācības


Mady Dental lab zobārstu apmācības

Case planing, tooth colorand form selection and wax up

Mady Dental lab zobārstu apmācības

Lectures and trainings

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