Complex, demanding solutions on implants

• Removable dentures
• Cast partial dentures (CrCo , Gold)

• Metal ceramics

• Pressed ceramic (e.max (IVOCLAR), VITA)

• Zirconia ceramics

• Bleaching trays and protection splints


Welcome to MADY DENTAL Tooth technical laboratory!

We give ahigh quality and trust to all of ourcustomers, and at the end each of you will be provided with an individual approach and find the best solutions to improve the quality of patients life.

In every year is only two days in which we can not do anything. One is yesterday and the other - tomorrow. Thus, today is the right day to love, believe, do and above all - to live fully!

Mady Dental lab


Our vision is to create a triangulation, which will include a dental laboratory, dentist, dental surgeon and hygienist services, working on a single customer - the patient..

Mady Dental lab

The company's business

The company's business is the provision of services to dentists. Help with advice, expertise and quality products from simple to complex crown implant prostheses. We offer solutions to complex and difficult work - foresight and the patient's desires realization.

Mady Dental lab lectures

Individual consultations and lectures

To ensure quality, innovative learning and professional competence that fosters professional development of dentists we offer individual counseling and practical lectures by practicing cooperation dental technician, dentist, dental surgeon and other specialists in the field.

Mady Dental lab consultations

Globally recognized standard requirements

For product to be of high quality, making it uses the best raw materials, compliance with globally recognized standard requirements in production and regular attendance at conferences and workshops in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Warsaw, etc.


  • Complex, demanding solutions on implants;

  • Removable dentures;

  • Cast partial dentures (CrCo , Gold);

  • Metal ceramics;

  • Pressed ceramic (e.max (IVOCLAR), VITA);

  • Zirconia ceramics;

  • Bleaching trays and protection splints.

Customers are offered a standard price list for each item that can be purchased by writing to us at the e-mail.

The standard rate within the range of 7 EUR to 200 EUR.

In turn, more complex situations, the service is offered to estimate - priced in adapting to each client individually.

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The TEAM is our power!

Our teams goal is high quality and trust, which led to each customer will be provided with an individual approach and find the best solutions to improve the quality of life. The company, each employee is worth gold, thanks to their education, experience and unique skills, perspectives, analytical mind, ability and creativity. 

It is these unique characteristics make each of team worker and company as a whole, which produce a quality product!

Mady Dental lab

Madars Lezdins

Lab manager

Valentina Legzdina

Chair of the Board

Mady Dental lab

Martins Latkovskis

Dental technician

Kristaps Stamers

Dental technician

Mady Dental lab

Anna Ofkante

Dental technician

Diana Antonova

Dental technician

Mady Dental lab

Marika Dundure


Laura Repele


Mady Dental lab

Maksims Spogis

Dental technician

Agneta Kristovska

Dental technician

Martins Efneris - Dental technician at Mady Dental

Martins Efneris

Dental technician

Laura Zalite

Dental technician

Mady Dental lab

Ruta Mezapuke

Dental technician

Linda Timermane

Dental technician

Inga Gorbuzova

Dental technician

Artjoms Sulkovskis

Dental technician

Liga Zagere

Dental technician

Jurgis Valbaks


Matiss Grietens