Pressed ceramic onlays

Pressed ceramic crowns

Zirconia crown bridge on implants


Full form zirconia crowns on implants

3D printed metal frame

Combined work - zirconia and pressed ceramic crowns

3D printēti pagaidu kroņi

Zirconium crowns

Press ceramic crowns E-Max

Feldspathic Porcelain Crown - REOX

Metal frame - synthesized

Diagnostic wax

Full Shaped Zirconia Crowns

Pressed ceramic crowns

Metal ceramics with composite gums

Multilayer Zirconium Crown on Atlantis Gold Shade with an angled screw

 Total removable prosthesis on implants

Milled BioHPP; Milled HIPC; Customized composite gum.
Aesthetic and lightweight construction. Total weight - 17 grams!

Metal crowns

Plastic prosthesis with metal fastening

Zirconia frame and individual, full-form Emax crowns

Metal ceramic crown.
Titanium Atlantis abutment with angle screw

Non Prep Venires

Zirconia crown on Atlantis abutment with Gold Shade coating

3D printed temporary crowns